The Liberation Place

Welcome to the interactive website designed by people in recovery to support people in recovery. Whether you are seeking support for a loved one, or you are an individual actively using substances, gambling, playing video games, watching pornography, or shopping excessively, the list is endless of those that can find what they are looking for right here at The Liberation Place 

addiction 1Addiction often drives a wedge right through the middle of a family unit, causing parents to argue, siblings to feel abandoned and leaves the loved one with the addiction feeling alienated and misunderstood. At The Liberation Place we strive to work within the family unit, collectively and individually, to reunite those that have separated and promote a healthy living environment that fosters respect and understanding for all. We do this while developing healthy boundaries within the home that offer peace and serenity where chaos once was.

In years gone by the general consensus was to remove the problem from the environment in an authoritative manner, to show "tough love", and have the one with the "problem" evicted from the home. For some families this is still a successful strategy that leaves the individual with no choice but to follow the rules set out in the home. While this can be an effective tactic, and can always be a consideration as a last resort, for many this is a disastrous journey into separation, anxiety, guilt, shame, and depression, that leaves all of those involved in a place of resentment, anger, and blame.

But what if there was a different way?

Way Out

What if this way was available to you and it was a way that, with time, a desire to change, and lots and lots of hard work, could avoid the conflict and allow peace of mind to return to the family unit? In order to do this we have to look at every aspect of the addiction, the biological, the psychological, the environmental, and the spiritual, and that requires accountability from all of those involved.

Welcome to The Liberation Place.

Addiction is a family disease and when it affects one it affects everyone within the environment. Our program is designed to support the individual with the addiction and their family unit. We work together as a team using a combination of lived experience and our own brand of counselling, designed to build awareness for the reasons we develop behaviours individually and collectively, to help you apply new and empowering techniques to your own journey, as guided by our client centred, recovery model approach.

What if my Loved One Can't Stop?

It is often the case that an individual cannot stop the behaviour they are using to cope with their emotional disturbance, whether that is substance or process, residential treatment is the only option. This will physically separate them from the issues they are experiencing, and allow them, and their family, the time and space required to clear their mind. In residential treatment they will have the opportunity to work on rational decision making once again, and depending on the individual and the nature of the addiction, this can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. 

At The Liberation Place we will assist the family unit by supporting each individual member through, what is more often than not, an anxiety provoking experience. Whether it involves assessments for the treatment centre, sending the referrals, seeking out the right treatment, or communicating with intake staff, The Liberation Place can support you through the process. We have access to residential treatment centres ranging from 19 days to 24 months, government and privately funded, and we will assist you in finding the right path for your journey. 

So How Does it Work?

Once you join The Liberation Place community you will be connected to our constantly evolving network of educational videos, blogs, worksheets, presentations, and an online community of peers. All of this along with access to recommended books, individual counselling and group therapy, either in person or online depending on your geographical location. Our goal is to create the most complete support structure possible for you and your family. We work with each individual within the environment in order to support you throughout the process of recovery. 

There is no cost to joining The Liberation Place community, the only thing you need is a desire to change, a drive for recovery, and an open mind to all the possibilities that are available for you to explore. Research shows that a major factor in a long lasting recovery is the creation of a supportive and stable environment for each individual to exist in. The Liberation Place is committed to supporting you achieve this desire, and we are willing and able to walk alongside you throughout each and every step of the journey.