Our Programs

One on One Individual Counselling

road to addiction recoveryAt The Liberation Place we offer individually designed one on one counselling for individuals dealing with substance or process addiction, or the family member of a loved one dealing with the complex needs of an individual within your environment. Our counselling services are tailor-made to meet your needs, and designed to maximize the recovery process for you and your loved ones. We utilize a number of different modalities and approaches for your recovery, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Attachment Theory, Psychoanalysis, and Gestalt Therapy. All of which combined open up the possibility of long-term recovery for you and the issues you are recovering from. 

Whether you feel like your substance use is out of control, or you don't know what to do with your loved one's behaviours anymore, having an outlet for these experiences that can talk you through your problems, and offer new tools and perspectives on your situations is beneficial for every individual who reaches out for support. Our ability to offer you support regardless of your location in the world is maximized by our use of online counselling available for all of our clients. Whether you are in Canada, Australia, the United States, or the UK, our services are there for you to use in your unique recovery journey. Contact Us for more information on the individual services we offer and explore the support we can develop for you. 

Family Support Program

When addiction and mental health is present in the environment, there is a significant impact on every single individual living in that environment. Whether it is the chaos of addiction that consumes your every thought or the fear, shame and guilt associated with trying to support someone dealing with a serious mental health and addiction problem, recognizing that outside help is needed to support your family unit is the first step on the road to recovery. 

At The Liberation Place we offer a Family Support Program that is unique to your families needs. Individual one on one counselling for each family member, along with group sessions designed and facilitated by our staff, will support you through the emotional roller coaster of the journey you are on.

More often than not, the family unit is fractured by the presence of addiction and mental health concerns, and it may seem that there is no hope for recovery because things have progressed too far. However, this is usually a sign of what is known as Care Giver Burnout and can have catastrophic physical and emotional implications on those that experience it for any significant period of time. 

help and supportConnecting with a person outside of the family unit, an individual with an objective point of view who is trained in family trauma techniques, can open up new opportunities to set in place your family and individual boundaries, develop communication skills to express your thoughts and feelings, and foster a unique system that grows strong and healthy relationships inside your family home. 

Understanding your environment, and the reason some behaviours have developed in this way is an integral part of the family recovery process. This does not excuse the maladaptive behaviour, instead, it offers the opportunity for accountability so each and every individual can "own their part" in the current family predicament, discuss the situation in a healthy way, and move forward in your journey without holding on to the resentments from the past. Contact Us for more information on the services we offer and explore the support we can develop for you.  

Telephone Support

Whether you are working with us as a client of our individual counselling program, family support program, or you are just looking to boost a support structure you already have in place, The Liberation Place offers a telephone support system that works in conjunction with your needs. Adapted from the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy model, we provide you with a structured support system through voice or text, depending on the severity of your situation. 

Each client requesting monthly support via telephone and text is given the formula to follow that maximizes each interaction with their counsellor, and offers an excellent outlet, or sounding board, to add to your recovery process. Whether you are located in our area or not, the benefits of this system have been demonstrated through numerous studies on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and we feel we have successfully adapted it to fit The Liberation Place way.  Contact Us for more information on the services we offer and explore the support we can develop for you.