The Liberation Place is committed to the support of people with chronic and acute addiction and mental health issues, their families, and close circle of friends, providing continuing opportunities for the possibility of change.

We offer community and web-based services from a client centred approach, along a harm reduction continuum. These programs include one on one counselling, both online and in person, specialized groups, and telephone, text and email support.


The Liberation Place strives to set the benchmark in the treatment of concurrent disorders for men and women, their families, and close circle of friends.  Our vision is that all clients will have equal opportunities for change so that they will once again be a positive contribution within their communities.

Our Core Values

At Liberation Place we believe if we practice our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, and Acceptance, it will lead us towards the ultimate goal of recovery, our spirituality and Humility.

Our Principles for Treatment

We believe that treatment should be modified to match the needs of clients, not the reverse, due to our belief that individual needs are different, and therefore, client treatment plans must recognize and reflect this. Our clients are invited to become partners with us in their treatment, and we recognize that we are privileged to be a part of their unique journey. The Liberation Place accepts and welcomes all feedback in order to promote treatment that is constantly evaluated and improved upon.