At The Liberation Place we take a person centred approach from a recovery model point of view, and we believe education is an important part of the recovery process. Whether you are looking for complete abstinence or harm reduction, it is important to obtain the most accurate and up to date information available, in order to make informed choices about the decisions you are looking to make. 

Depending on your requirements there are a number of places you can begin your journey, and we always recommend obtaining some basic information about the possibility of addiction in your life to begin with. There are a number of video links available on our website, TED Talks and information presentations, along with multiple readings on topics such as individual counselling techniques, group therapy, substance and process addiction, and family treatment options. 

The Liberation Channel is our own specific YouTube Station that contains our favourite videos from around the web, along with our own video compilation, put together in an attempt to provide you with as much knowledge as possible in preparation for the journey ahead. If reading is more your style, we have links to a number of different books we recommend to increase you awareness and insight and take you on the spiritual journey associated with a long lasting recovery. Follow the links below to gain access to our ever expanding library of information.



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