You might think the question “what is recovery” is a little redundant, with a pretty basic and straightforward answer; however, in actual fact, it really isn't, it's really rather complicated, and it's important to take the time to thoroughly think it through. So what exactly does it mean to be in recovery?

It’s an Individual Journey

2012 01 recovery tcm7 128414Recovery is an interesting thing, many people are seeking that one thing that will fix them, relieve the emotional pain, and take away all of the worries in one easy step. The problem is that it doesn’t work like that. Recovery is a very individual journey. Yes, there are some basic principles for us to follow as we discuss in The Core Values of Recovery, outside of those it becomes a very personal experience. 

Recovery begins by understanding the behaviours we decide we want to change, but how do we know if the behaviour needs changing in the first place, or if it is to be considered quite acceptable? If we involve ourselves in certain types of behaviour every now and then, say drinking alcoholic beverages, and we don’t participate excessively or over indulge ourselves on a regular basis, in theory, it should not impact our lives in any detrimental way. Therefore there is no need for us to implement any kind of change program, and there is no necessity to worry about it at all. In essence, it just is what it is. 

However, if when we look at our behaviours, even ones that started out as a fun and energizing pass time, and we find that it is causing us to experience problems in different areas of our lives, it is probably time to start to think about a change. This takes honesty, and quite often another person’s point of view, to truly understand the very nature of our behaviours.

Generally speaking, behaviour can be considered addictive if it is the result of a pattern that becomes ritualistic or habitual, and its power over you becomes stronger and stronger each and every time you participate in the action. Being in recovery means taking these things on, it means delving deep into your subconscious and truly looking at yourself without blame or judgement. 

Cloud recovery 600x451Recovery can be spiritual, it can be scientific, or it can be psychological. It can even be a unique and individual combination of every approach, as long as it supports you in achieving your ultimate goal. At The Liberation Place, we are committed to supporting your journey in the capacity you desire. We believe that recovery is not a one size fits all model, it is about discovering your purpose in life and exploring what it takes to live life on life’s terms.   

Our goal is to create the most complete support structure possible for you and your family. We work with each individual within the environment in order to support you throughout the process of recovery. When you join The Liberation Place community you will be connected to our constantly evolving network of educational videos, blogs, worksheets, presentations, and an online community of peers.

All of this along with access to books, individual counselling and group therapy, either in person or online, depending on your geographical location.  Our goal is to create the most complete support structure possible for you and your family. If you would like to make some changes in your behaviours, take a look at the information contained in our website and the external resources for addiction and mental health offered here at The Liberation Place. If it's time to make a change and reach out for the support, recovery is a journey that starts with just one step, and only you alone can choose to take that step, but remember you are not destined to be alone when you choose to take that step with The Liberation Place!