Uncoditional Self Acceptance



When it comes to getting support for making any kind of behaviour change, there's a lot of different styles of counselling, coaching, and therapies that are out there. And, it's worth pointing out that each of them can be successful in there own right. Some of them may focus on the impact of your thoughts, some on the way you process your emotions, and some take a more mindful or spiritual approach. For me, it's about finding the perfect balance between all of these different ideas, not being a purist in any single one of them, so that the work you're doing on you, is a good fit, for you.


"There's a lot of different styles of counselling, coaching, and therapies that are out there"


Listen, you are a complete human being, body, mind, and soul, so you have to do the work from that perspective. This is why, in my opinion, we have to look at things cognitively, Emotionally, behaviourally, mindfully, and physically in order to help you develop your own unique way of living a solid Recovery Lifestyle, working towards that ultimate goal of Living the Life you Want to Live which takes a certain level of Unconditional Self Acceptance. After all, if you don't truly accept who you are yourself, how do expect others to accept you too?

Every week, The Liberation Place offers a number of different online groups that are an open format conversation, designed for people to attend and get support. Whether this is to join in on the conversation, or sit and listen to the discussion we are having as a community of people trying to support each other with the behaviour changes we are trying to make.

On Sunday, Wednesday anf Friday there is a Recovery Chat room, as well as Saturday, I co-facitate a meeting on Dependent Relationships in Recovery. Please join me in any, or all of these meetings to explore whether or not this conversation is the right fit for you, and you requirements for support.