Maybe it's Time to Try Something New



So listen, I need to be crystal clear on something here, I really don't want to argue with you if you don't agree with my philosophy on living a recovery lifestyle. I totally get it, if you have a way of living in recovery that's working for you, that's amazing, stick to it, keep doing what you're doing because if it's working there’s absolutely no need for you to change. I'm not here to convince you that I am right, and you are wrong, that you’ve been doing things wrong the whole time that you’ve been sober.


"I'm not here to convince you that I am right, and you are wrong"


And at the same time, if that doesn’t apply to you, if you're someone who's anything like I used to be, bouncing in and out of programs and therapy, trying to understand why recovery doesn’t make sense and it simply isn't working, maybe its time to try something new, what do you think??

Every week, The Liberation Place offers a number of different online groups that are an open format conversation, designed for people to attend and get support. Whether this is to join in on the conversation, or sit and listen to the discussion we are having as a community of people trying to support each other with the behaviour changes we are trying to make.

On Sunday, Wednesday anf Friday there is a Recovery Chat room, as well as Saturday, I co-facitate a meeting on Dependent Relationships in Recovery. Please join me in any, or all of these meetings to explore whether or not this conversation is the right fit for you, and you requirements for support.