Who We Are

images 3The Liberation Place is a unique Addiction and Mental Health community, designed by individuals with lived experience of both Addiction and Mental Health. Our approach is unique in the field, not only because we offer one on one counselling, group therapy, and telephone support (text and voice) for individuals and their families, at the same time, with the same person, all designed around the individual needs you and your loved ones decide upon together. 

We work from a recovery model with a client centred focus, all of which is implemented by people who have actual real-life experience of where you are at in your recovery right now.  We offer a variety of different programs, incorporating a variety of approaches, including educational services for Healthcare Professionals and the public, individual counselling with a harm reduction or abstinence-based model, and a complete family support program, designed around your family needs and focussed on your own recovery journey. 

The Liberation Place uses a Schema Therapy Approach, an integrative psychotherapy which incorporates the tools of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Object Relations Theory, Attachment Theory, and Gestalt Therapy. Schema Therapy provides the tools to work with complex clients experiencing maladaptive behaviours in adult life as a result of early childhood experiences. Most people are totally unaware of the Recovering addictionautomatic behaviours we have developed as a direct result of unmet needs as a child, and without awareness in this area, the vast majority of individuals would continue along the same path completely unaware of the possibilities for change in their environment. 

When you work with The Liberation Place, we become an interactive member of your team, providing the necessary support you need to make productive changes in your world. The ultimate goal of our engagement in your recovery is to provide you with the tools you need to continue on your journey without the close support of an outside influence. If this sounds like an approach you would like to know more about, and you would like to make some changes in your behaviours, take a look at the information contained in our website that we offer here The Liberation Place, along with the external resources provided on addiction. If it's time to make a change and reach out for the support, recovery is a journey that starts with just one step, and only you alone can choose to take that step, but remember you are not destined to be alone when you choose to take that step with The Liberation Place!