Am I an Angry Child?



The biggest issue I personally faced in my own recovery journey, was accepting the fact that, when activated, I was in essence, an emotional child. This was put to me by a number of different people, in a variety of different ways, and every single time I heard it, it activated an emotional reaction in me that literally confirmed their observations.


"The biggest issue I personally faced was accepting that I was an emotional child"


Most people who struggle with compulsive or addictive behaviour patterns are highly sensitive people, and obviously it stands to reason that they were highly sensitive children too. In recovery, I had to accept this fact in order to work on reparenting the parts of my personality that couldn't cope with life. I had to do this in order to create the healthy adult that I needed to be for a successful and sustainable recovery. And don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy thing to do, but it's time to accept this as a fact and get to work on creating the life you want to live, not living the life that you’re currently stuck in. 


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