Foundation is Key to Success



What stops you from living the life you want to live? For me, when I was living my own version of the addictive lifestyle, I had some rare moments of clarity when I saw what I wanted to be, and how I wanted to live my life. What stopped me from doing this was my fear of what it would take to do it. There was an emotional child within me that was petrified of being an adult, so it reacted with angry and avoidant behaviours that kept me stuck living a life of addiction.


"Without the foundation shit can get squirrely pretty damn quick"


The only way out was to deal with the past and teach my inner child how to become the adult I wanted to be, and that takes hard work and dedication that starts with a solid foundation. Without the foundation shit can get squirrely pretty damn quick, so we have to practice the skills we need to get us through difficult times before we poke the bear. Remember that practice doesn't make it perfect, it makes it permanent. 


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