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The Liberation Station

The Liberation Place offers a free YouTube Channel that provides educational content about behaviour change and Living the Life You Want to Live, including information on the underlying reasons for addictive, compulsive, and obsessive coping mechanisms. Each week, the content is updated with multiple videos, up to date news articles, and chat about changing behaviour patterns and building motivation to Live the Life you Want to Live!!

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Weekly Groups   


Come Join the Conversation in One of Our FREE Groups!! 

Every week we offer a number of different virtual groups that are available to the community for free. These groups explore what it means to live the life you want to live, taking on behaviour change, and dealing with the real issues under the surface that drive us into addictive, compulsive, and obsessive coping mechanisms. 

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Group Coaching  

Not looking for one on one support, or looking for a cheaper alternative? Group coaching is offered at a fixed rate per session, maximum 5 participants to each group. The minimum commitment is a 12 week cycle, in which the group will explore specific topics each week, with homework to be completed by every participant, and an optional WhatsApp chat to support the group. Find 5 people who wish to participate together, or sign up as an individual and we will find a group for you.

***Note - WhatsApp chat is not monitored by a staff member from the Liberation place, it is only used by participants of the group to support each other during their participation in the program***

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Book a Community Talk

If you are looking for someone to come to your organization and provide an educational presentation on the topic of addictive, compulsive, or obsessive coping mechanisms, and the underlying reasons for their use in society, or if you want to book a talk about developing your ability to Live the Life you Want to Live, take a look at some of the examples provided in these short videos, and Contact Us for more information on price and availability. 

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