The Safe Place Meditation



The Meditation Script


First, let’s find a quiet place to sit and settle into a comfortable position in your seat. Close your eyes if you can, and if not, just find a spot to focus your gaze that allows you to feel relaxed and undisturbed throughout this process.

At your own pace, take a couple of deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you continue to breathe, bring your attention to a place in your mind that represents a safe, calming, or peaceful place for you to be. Try not to have any expectation, or judgement about it; just be open to whatever image occurs.

It can be like a movie scene in your mind’s eye, a memory from the past, or a recall of a picture you have seen at some point. It can be something from your life, a real place you have been to, or pure creation from your imagination, from a book or even a movie.

When you have your image spend some time there and take a look around, take note of what is happening around you, the sights and sounds of the place you are in. Pay attention to the feelings and thoughts you are having and spend some time sitting in the peaceful sensations.

When it feels right come back into the room in which you are sitting, look around and acknowledge that right now, in this exact moment, this to is a safe place for you to be.

You can bring anything that is safe, calming, peaceful or comforting into your image. Whatever works for you, make it your own. Do not worry if you have some difficulty getting a strong image at first, it will come with time and practice.

People have different ways of developing an image, some use a picture or a photograph as a prompt. If you have difficulty imagining a place that is safe, see if you can find a picture that represents it, or draw it for yourself.


When you have practiced this exercise a few times, and you have a good image in your mind to recall, take some time to complete the worksheet attached to this page so you can build essential awareness around the creation of your safe place image. Be as specific, and descriptive as you can, as this will help you recall it in future exercises.


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