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Our Vision

We envision a community of people, both online and in person, living the life they want to live, being the person they want to be, in the areas of life that are important to them, according to their true authentic values and beliefs with flexibility, balance, and harmony providing a space where newcomers are welcomed, supported, and able to thrive.




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Our Mission

With a commitment to partnership, support, and advocacy, The Liberation Place endeavours to deliver its services to individuals, families, and communities that are trying to make changes in the life that they are stuck in, working towards creating the life they want to live. 



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Our Values

At the Liberation Place, we strive to support people in creating the life they want to live. This means living a life that is driven by the core values each person holds close in their system. As such, we live by, and set boundaries according to the following values. Inclusion, Advocacy, Accountability, Collaboration, Respect, Safety, Honesty, Integrity, Humility, and Innovation.



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