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Many people struggle with motivation when trying to make any type of behaviour change. In the begininning, it can seem easy because we are inspired by the Instant Gratification we get from being inside of the proverbial "Pink Cloud." Over time, this motivation starts to subside as we no longer get the regular dopamine hits associated with all the "aha" moments we experience during the early phase of changing old unwanted behaviours. So how do we maintain this desire to keep going when the normality of every day life starts to kick into our way of thinking?

One of the best ways to build on the early motivational factors we have used to keep our behaviour change moving in the direction we are trying to go in is to involve other people in the mix of things we're doing. This can add a level of accountability that may have been missing without it, and there is no better way to do this than inside of a group setting. This is what's on offer through The Liberation Place and it's Group Coaching program. 

Throughout the 16 week coarse, you and 4 other group members, will meet on a weekly basis to explore the changes you are trying to make, implement new behaviours, discuss the commitments you are making to the actions you are willing to take, and be accountable for making these changes to the group. The facilitator of this weekly meeting is responsible for providing the education required for the opportunity to accelerate the possibility of living the life you want to live. 

Getting involved in this program can be done in one of two ways. First, you can come together as a predetermined group of friends, coworkers, or family members with a specific idea behind what you want to achieve, or you can cContact Us to express your interest in joining a group that follows the cucurriculum for living the life you want to live, set out by The Liberation Place and it's fundamental principles for building foundation. The basic curriculum for this predetermined program is as follows:

Week 1 - 3 Building mindful awareness. 

Using the skills of mindfulness taken directly from the core principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy, we will explore the ways to develop your mindful awareness and provide the skills required to implement these behaviours into your daily routines. Learning how to breathe, access your Wise Mind, Observe and Describe your thoughts and feelings from a non-judgemental point of view, along with using the DBT STOP skill will all be discussed in these opening weeks.


Week 4 - 7 getting to know your true self

Living the Life you Want to Live means living according to your values and beliefs. It's not driven by what you are doing, instead it revolves around how you are being. If you are living your life according to your true core values, then what you do in life has value for you, it has meaning, which in turn gives meaning to your life. In this section of the coaching, we will explore your true core values and beliefs, and decide which areas of life are most important for you to implement t these values. As a result, we will identify some of the positive stories about yourself, life, and the people around you that can come out of living this we way of being.


Week 8 - 12 building awareness for negative schemas and parts.

In Schema Therapy, we work on the basic assumption that difficult and unhealthy behaviours are driven by negative childhood stories, and the parts of your personality that are reacting to the presence of these stories in your system with re-enactments of old behaviours. In order to change these behaviours, we have to first build awareness for their presence in our system. Without this awareness we keep reacting in automatic ways that have us sitting in a space of self judgement after the fact, wondering how we ended up here. During this phase of the coaching, we will identify the dominant schema in your system, and work on understanding the parts that are reacting to the reality each schema has created for you.


Week 13 - 16 changing the stories that run your life. 

In the final phase of the program, we will develop your ability to use the skills available to re-educate the parts that are reacting to the schema. Not with the goal of removing the stories, as this would be an extremely difficult thing to do. The goal of this section of the coaching program is to remove the rigidity we have to the story being factual 100% or the time when the schema is activated in your personality system. Removing the rigidity creates a dialectical perspective, which helps to reduce the chaos we experience in our own internal and external world trying to cope with the stories we are telling ourselves.


Important Information

All of our work is supported by the free weekly chat room groups, giving you multiple opportunities during, and after the coaching program to continue to explore your insights with people who are attempting to do the exact same work as you are taking on. Please keep in mind that it is important to point out that this program is intended for clients who have created a level of stability in their lives that supports this type of Self Exploration. It is not designed for clients that may be in the early phases of recovery from addiction and mental health concerns as the support provided by facilitators and participants is not at the level required for clients in this stage of change. Please check out some of our regular support groups to help build this level of stabilty, along with accessing the community of SMART Recovery meetings available online.  For pricing and availabilty of programs CLICK HERE.


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