I Don't Want to Grow Up!!



In my own recovery, there was a part of me that wanted to know the answer and this part of me wanted to know it right now. I would ask around, from meeting to meeting, person to person, trying to find the answer to the question "how do I fix this addiction as fast as I possibly can?" I would pick up random bits of information here and there that fit what it was that I was looking for, things that lined up with my own particular stories, but nothing that definitively answered my question.


"How do I fix this addiction as fast as I possibly can?"


The thing is, everyone kept telling me the same thing, I just didn't want to hear it, recovery is hard work, it means growing up, being accountable and facing adult responsibility. Yeah, understanding that I have unmet childhood needs, but being accountable for the behaviours that come out when I'm trying to meet those needs, and practicing self compassion so I’m not escaping from my own internal critics. Ultimately this meant doing "the work" that I really didn't want to do because of my own internal fears. How about you?? 

Every week, The Liberation Place offers a number of different online groups that are an open format conversation, designed for people to attend and get support. Whether this is to join in on the conversation, or sit and listen to the discussion we are having as a community of people trying to support each other with the behaviour changes we are trying to make.

On Sunday, Wednesday anf Friday there is a Recovery Chat room, as well as Saturday, I co-facitate a meeting on Dependent Relationships in Recovery. Please join me in any, or all of these meetings to explore whether or not this conversation is the right fit for you, and you requirements for support.